The delicate task of retaining talent in organizations

The active participation of employees in the improvement of production processes is always very valuable in any work area, in addition to contributing to better communication and motivation in teams. Promoting that participation is necessary so that companies can make efficient changes oriented towards improving productivity and also job satisfaction.

One of the major challenges facing the packaging industry, as is the case in other industrial sectors, is being able to attract and especially retain talent. The turnover rate of specialized workers has increased significantly, making it difficult for companies to maintain the necessary level of training to address the significant and constant transformation in which our sector is currently immersed.

Establishing strategies to attract and also to retain existing talent is becoming an urgent need. In this objective, one of the issues that must be a priority in improving the connection between the organization and its workforce.

In this sense, I think everyone will agree that capturing the concerns and vision of people by promoting an active listening culture will necessarily have a positive impact on aspects such as job satisfaction, productivity, or team motivation in any organization.

But…, if this is so clear, what reasons could there be for this supposed trend of talent fleeing from companies?.

Perhaps it is necessary to suggest more initiative to people and teams…

The problem is that proactivity only has continuity over time if there is feedback between the parties. That is, if that concept is not promoted in the culture of the organization, the initiative in people will fade and leave the door open to demotivation, just the opposite of what you want to do to retain talent in the company.

Companies need people to be passionate about what they do and what they contribute, and that is not only resolved with good leadership, there is also a cultural factor to be adjusted in the context in which it is developed that will have a lot to do with the result. Sometimes it’s not just about solving a situation, it’s also about convincing those who participate in it.

Simplifying, the main thing here is how to make the work more attractive to the worker and that he understands it as such. In my opinion, that objective can only be achieved through the perception that there is not only of the importance that the company can give to the task he performs, but also to his creativity and the proposals he can make to improve and increase the value added.

Almost 2.400 years ago, Aristotle already suggested that people would work harder and perform better in tasks if they considered them meaningful and morally valuable.

Indeed!, Aristotle’s ideas about work motivation are still relevant today. These ideas align with the Self-Determination Theory, which states that people are more motivated and engaged in their work when they feel a sense of purpose and meaning in what they do.

Definitely, it’s important to create a work environment that values and supports the contributions of employees, as this can lead to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and talent retention.

Miguel Ángel Beltrán

***The opinions and content are shared on a personal basis and do not represent those of other people or organizations.

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